B2b Portal



Selling Features

  1. Unlimited number of packages
  2. Limit the number of characters for title and description.
  3. Limit the number of photos for each package
  4. Assign packages to certain user groups.
  5. Set the number of days a listing will run.
  6. Include the price and renewal price for the package.
  7. A number of pre-installed payment providers. 
  8. Setup coupons and discounts for individuals, user groups, or for everyone.



  1. Unlimited number of categories
  2. Ability to reorder categories.
  3. Insert title, keywords, and description..
  4. The ability to allow ads or not.
  5. Unlimited category depth.
  6. Upload specific category image
  7. Insert special category promotion text that will display on your site.


  Extra Fields

  1. Includes select lists, checkboxes, file upload, date field, and single or multi line text fields.
  2. Advanced parent child select lists.
  3. Can relate to specific categories
  4. Can be made searchable.
  5. Can be made viewable from your site or not.
  6. Unlimited number of extra fields can be created.



  1. Manage all aspects of your users.
  2. User group system - You can define special user groups and give each group special rights.
  3. Private Message System
  4. Three extra registration fields.
  5. Export users to a csv file for your own use.



  1. Edit almost all aspects of your site.
  2. Unlimited Number of administrators
  3. Listing Management.
  4. User Management.
  5. Template Editor
  6. Sales stats
  7. Emails when listings are placed or edited.
  8. Can use php mail function or smtp
  9. Can setup a bad word filter
  10. Regional settings to change currency, language, and date format
  11. Page editor to add new content pages to your site.



  1. Auto Delete Expired Listings
  2. Image Upload with thumbnail creation
  3. Enhanced options like bold, featured, highlighted.
  4. Included plugins to show listings on home page.
  5. Contact the owner with email or private message.
  6. Add listing to your favorites
  7. Search all listings by keywords, extra fields, or by categories.
  8. RSS Feeds for listings. Can pass parameters to change what is included.
  9. Printer Friendly view